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Movies & Books

Free Solo:  Free solo climber Alex Honnold prepares to achieve his lifelong dream: scaling the 3,200-foot El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without a rope.

The Alpinist:  An intimate documentary of a young climber who embarks on a historic adventure to redefine what is possible in solo climbing.

Fine Lines: Director Dina Khreino interviewed elite mountain adventurers for three years and found a tribe of adventurers and philosophers bonded by the ultimate test of body, mind, and spirit. 


Vertical Paradise:  Embark on an unforgettable rock-climbing adventure in the enchanting island of Puerto Rico with "Vertical Paradise: A rock-climber's guide to Puerto Rico." This compact and comprehensive guidebook is your key to discovering the best climbing destinations, hidden crags, and breathtaking routes across the island. With detailed descriptions, insider tips, and stunning photography, this guide will ignite your passion for vertical exploration. Whether you're a seasoned climber or a curious adventurer, let "Vertical Paradise" be your gateway to thrilling ascents and unforgettable experiences in Puerto Rico's rock-climbing paradise.

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